Atlantic Expedition, Modernizing Transatlantic Initiative; An Atlantische Initiative

Atlantische Initiative in Berlin, a non-profit NGO dedicated to promoting collaboration between US and European citizens.

The US presidential election is dominating the news and has brought out strong feelings among the younger generation on both sides of the Atlantic. With your help, we'd like to harness the passion and look further ahead in transatlantic relations. Our new fellowship and exchange program Atlantic Expedition — funded by the German government — gives a young and diverse group of potential leaders a platform to modernize transatlantic relations.

We believe that giving consideration to fresh points of view and new ideas is crucial to reversing the trend of declining enthusiasm for European-American relations on both sides of the pond.

Diversity of backgrounds — and therefore of opinions, priorities and areas of expertise — is an essential element to a fruitful debate, yet one which is unfortunately still lacking in transatlantic politics. Atlantic Expedition aims to remedy this, by assembling some of the brightest young minds from the US and Germany, in order to solicit their ideas, informed and enriched by a wide variety of professional, academic and cultural backgrounds, on how to reform and reinvigorate the transatlantic partnership.

Fellowship opportunity: Help reinvigorate and modernize transatlantic relations, while traveling to Germany and the US!

Participants don’t have to be experts! We are specifically in search of new perspectives and bold ideas. Transatlantic matters affect everyone, and ought therefore to be discussed by everyone.

Those interested in participating need only submit a short article (500-1000 words) analyzing the current state of transatlantic relations, with a focus on whichever sub-topic interests them most – however niche or marginal. If they are aged 20 to 35, we’d love to hear from them!

Deadline is November 16, 2016

The fellowship will take participants to the US and Germany, where they will have the opportunity to network, debate and collaborate with future opinion leaders, as well as with established transatlantic decision-makers and stakeholders from a variety of business sectors and interest groups. Fellows will co-author a policy memo, drawing upon their diverse range of skills, interests and experiences, to be presented during the trips, and distributed to key transatlantic actors.