The crest of the society draws on the meanings of the three Greek letters that form its name. Sigma stands for "synesis," meaning prudence, iota for "ideodoi," meaning ideals, and "rho" for "rhomi," meaning power.


  • Black - knowledge and discretion necessary in the study of international affairs 
  • Blue - loyalty and sincerity that the scholars have towards the respective theoretical paradigms 
  • Red - magnanimity and ferocity, attributes of many international actors


  • Laurel (left) represents honors and distinction, as the society aims at recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of international studies 
  • Oak (right) stands for lasting friendship that the society hopes to create among its members


  • Shield represents preservation of academic freedom
  • World map stands for focus in international affairs
  • Spider, falcon and lightning correspond to the qualities of prudence, ideals and power


Expands the letters Sigma Iota Rho from the top of the crest into "synesis," "ideodoi," and "rhomi", emphasizing once again prudence, ideals and power, the three basic qualities necessary in the study of international affairs.