What does Sigma Iota Rho stand for?

Sigma stands for "synesis," meaning prudence, iota for "ideodoi," meaning ideals, and "rho" for "rhomi," meaning power.


What are the origins of Sigma Iota Rho ?

Please refer to the Origins tab, under About.


What is the individual membership fee?

National dues are $45 per member. This one time fee is to be paid to the National Office in an institutional check, cashier’s check, or money order from the chapter's institution on behalf of all initiated members.


Who do I make the check out to?

The individual member should not send his or her check or cash directly to the National Office, no personal checks or cash will be accepted, but rather the check should come from the chapter's institution in the form of an institutional check, cashier’s check, or money order along with a printout of the SIR Student Induction Spreadsheet.  The payment should be made out to "The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania".


Where do I mail the check to?

Sigma Iota Rho National Headquarters

c/o International Relations Program

Attention: Marisol Arcaya

255 South 36th Street

635 Williams Hall

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305


Who is the President of Sigma Iota Rho?

Dr. Frank Plantan, Co-Director of the University of Pennsylvania's International Relations Program is the President of Sigma Iota Rho.


How do I get the membership packet to my chapter from the National Office in time for the induction?

In order to assure timely delivery, please contact us at least four weeks before the ceremony. In order to process your request, the national office requires the following materials:

  • Induction Spreadsheet completed, printed and included with payment and emailed to national@sigmaiotarho.org - link to spreadsheet

  • Include SIR Invoice with payment, if applicable.

  • Single institutional check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to the "The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" (no cash, electronic payment, or personal checks will be accepted)

When ready to send in, please email information to Marisol Arcaya, Senior National Liaison, via national@sigmaiotarho.org


As a new member, what do I receive?

Upon initiation, new members will receive a certificate of membership, Sigma Iota Rho pin, graduation cord, and a copy of the SIR publication: Journal of International Relations. Furthermore, SIR members will have access to internship and career databases, alumni relations and membership in one of the world's most preeminent international relations honor societies.


How long does it take to get membership certificates from the national office?

If the previous steps are followed, it should take approximately four weeks to receive the packet.


How do I order Induction Package Enhancement Items?

Please see our Induction Package Enhancement Items Section.


Does Sigma Iota Rho accept credit cards as a method of payment for purchasing merchandise?

As of now, SIR does not accept credit card payments when purchasing merchandise.  However, institutional checks, cashier’s checks, and/or money orders will be accepted.


My chapter doesn't have a copy of the chapter handbook.  How can I acquire a replacement?

Please email or call the National Office: national@sigmaiotarho.org / (215) 898-0452 or via http://www.sigmaiotarho.org/chapters/chapter-resources and select “Chapter Handbook in PDF”.


What if I can't find the answer to my question on this page?

Please email or call the National Office: national@sigmaiotarho.org / (215) 898-0452