The Chapter Spotlight Award is given to the chapter that best exemplifies passion for, engagement with, and academic excellence in international studies.

Chapter Spotlight Award for 2016-17:

Beta Chi, Tufts University

Beta Chi, Tufts University

Beta Chi, Tufts University

Annually an exceptional chapter, Beta Chi routinely produces research published in the Journal of International Relations. Indeed, two Tufts students were successful in passing the double-blind peer review process to be featured inin the 2017 edition of the Journal -- Samuel Weitzman ("A Farewell to Arms: Explaining Ukraine's Decision to Forgo Nuclear Weapons") and Winnona DeSombre ("Getting Harder to Catch: Analyznig the Evolution of China's Cyber Espionage Campaign against the United States through a Case Study of APT1").

One of our most populous, active, and academically rigorous chapters, Beta Chi is certainly well-deserving!



Chapter Spotlight Award for 2015-16:

Beta Mu, Fordham University

Fordham University's Beta Mu Chapter has garnered Sigma Iota Rho's attention for its noteworthy growth in activity since its rebirth some three years ago. Participation in Beta Mu has nearly tripled in this time. Also of notes is the accomplishments of its members. They have won internships ranging from Senatorial offices, humanitarian organizations (Human Rights Watch, Peace Corps, among others), and Global Outreach projects that have enabled them to positively affect international communities.  Their promotion of social awareness of international affairs is further demonstrated by support of Sigma Iota Rho’s Journal of International Relations. The chapter was represented in the print edition of the 2016 Journal by Luke Zaro, whose article, “Ottoman Orientalism:  A Guiding Principle of Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East,” passed a rigorous double-blind peer review. Congratulations to Beta Mu! 

                                        Beta Mu Chapter, Fordham University

Chapter Spotlight Award for 2014-15:

Epsilon Nu, University of California, Berkeley

Epsilon Nu Chapter; University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley’s Epsilon Nu chapter has quickly arrived on the SIR stage as a model chapter. Its range of activities, indeed wide, has included: peer-advising workshops, alumni networking, and various events with rich field-related substance. What is more, Berkeley raised the bar for organization, employing new methods with social media to enhance old-fashioned gumption, and attention to detail. Moreover is the measure of pride with which Berkeley operates. Each of their activities glistens with a high quality that makes the chapter a model one. So great and rich is the activity of Berkeley, that the National Staff at Headquarters was compelled to award it the Chapter Spotlight Award despite it being only a little over a year old.



Chapter Spotlight Award for 2013-14:

Gamma Theta, University of Georgia

Gamma Theta Chapter; University of Georgia

The Gamma Theta chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, belonging to the University of Georgia's International Affairs Department, has shown itself to be one of the honor society's finest. Its numerous mentoring events with faculty, utilization of social media, and organization as a close-knit group while boasting a roster of 30 to 40 members annually, has continually impressed. SIR is thankful to that Gamma Theta chapter's students (pictured above) and faculty advisors, Drs. Markus Crepaz (left) and Brock Tessman (not pictured).

From Chapter President, Alexis Oberg: "Sigma Iota Rho at the University of Georgia is an international affairs honors society that works to foster scholarship and academic achievement in the field of International Affairs.  The organization’s officers along with sponsor Dr. Brock Tessman have organized events such as a graduate student talk, a seminar on career opportunities within the field, and a coffee hour with professors to help members of the society form connections and gain knowledge about future options with a degree in International Affairs.  Next year, the organization hopes to expand even further and will offer a variety of opportunities for members to network within the international studies community at the University of Georgia."


Chapter Spotlight Award for 2012-13:

Alpha Chi Chapter; Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Alpha Chi, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University

The first of our series of Chapter Spotlights is the Alpha Chi chapter, located at Maxwell School of Syracuse University, which is recognized as a national leader in the study of International Relations by Foreign Policy Magazine. Alpha Chi inducted 86 students during the 2011-12 academic year, all of whom have demonstrated great academic promise in the rigorous program with GPAs above 3.4 Overall and 3.5 in International Relations. Established in 1996 by Ambassador and Professor Goodwin Cooke, Alpha Chi is one of SIR's longest running chapters. It has been vibrant ever since, boasting a wide array of activities for student development and community engagement.