Current Issue: Volume 17, Spring 2015

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  • Headliner: "In Search of World Order" - by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, United States of America
  • "The Dragon's Curse?: Examining the Relationship Between China's Participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and its Economic Ties in Africa, 2000-2013" - by Yunmo Wang | Tufts University
  • "Changes in State Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization: The Paradox Between the Movement of Capitol and Human Migration at the U.S. - Mexico Border" - by Emily A. Thierrien | University of Vermont
  • "Nuclear Proliferation Realities: Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia" - by Thomas J. Tree | Syracuse University
  • "A Reluctant Agreement: Increased Military Cooperation Between the U.S. and Nigeria after the Chibok School Kidnapping" - by Michael S. Miller | Northwestern University
  • "The Shaheeda-Sharmouta Complex: Female Suicide Bombers and the Palestinian Nation" - by Jade (Ngoc) H. Huynh | University of Pennsylvania
  • "Political Discontent in Democratizing Turkey: An Analysis of Protest Participation" - by Eduardo Gonzalez | San Francisco State University
  • "Partnering with a Pariah: An Assessment of U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Taiwan" - by Amanda Brenner | American University
  • "Examining Civil Wars and Gender Equality: The Role of Women in Peacemaking" - by Brooke C. Tenison | Duquesne University
  • Culture and Society Corner: "Liberating Liberal Feminism: An Intersection Approach" - by Tushara Surapaneni | SUNY Geneseo
  • Culture and Society Corner: "Clash between Europe and the Ottoman Empire: How Percussive Instruments Set the Beat for Ottoman Influence in the 18th and 19th Centuries" - by Arynne Wexler | University of Pennsylvania