The Great War: A Conference by our Georgia Gwinnett College chapter

The School of Liberal Arts at Georgia Gwinnett College--with the support of the GGC chapters of Phi Alpha Theta and Sigma Iota Rho, and the History Club --is pleased to announce an upcoming conference, "The Great War, a Hundred Years On: Origins, Lessons and Legacies of the First World War," scheduled for November 6-8, 1914. The centenary of the onset of war in Europe offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the experiences and sacrifices of participants, both in America and worldwide, and its continuing significance in shaping our world today. Scholars from local colleges and universities here in Georgia, and from as far afield as Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, England, and Pakistan, will deliver papers. Our keynote address, sponsored by The Lithuanian Foundation, will be delivered by Dr. Vejas Liulevicius, an acclaimed scholar of the Eastern Front in the First World War, from the University of Tennessee. As well, the creators of the documentary film, "German Enemy Aliens in the Land of the Sky" (which looks at a German POW camp in western North Carolina) will show their film and answer questions. Panels on teaching, art, literature, and propaganda--as well as student research projects--will help make this a dynamic and exciting event for our college and community.

Students interested in presenting should submit their proposals to the chair of the undergraduate conference committee, D. J. Melville (, and carbon copied to Dr. Nathan Orgill ( by September 29th.