Global Security Risk Project

Would you like to read what the University of California's students of Global Security Risks would say about a current or future risk to international relations? These students are trained to analyse risks to international security from root causes, to assess risks, and to control risks, from the international (diplomatic) level down to the operational and site/physical, from natural hazards to political violence.

If you have identified a requirement for a forecast of a risk (or hazard or threat) to international security, an assessment of a current risk, a recommendation for controlling a risk, or a better method of assessing an international risk, please email to me a specified requirement or project description (at least one paragraph).

If your project could be matched to a student team, you could expect a short report of about 8 pages in mid-December 2012 or mid-March 2013 (depending on time of initiation). The report would be free to you, without obligation, although the students would welcome your feedback.
Bruce Newsome PhD Lecturer in International Relations International and Area Studies program University of California Berkeley Email: