Volume 16

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FINALL Journal 2014  (dragged)

  • Headliner: "Why Invest in American Leadership?" - by Joseph R. Biden, Vice President of the United States of America
  • “Fitting In: The Case of Ethnic Russian Estonia” - by Brian Mund | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Need for Economic Engagement with North Korea” - by Matthew Prusak | University of Southern California
  • “Burgeoning Grievances: An Explanation for the 2012-2013 Rise of Secessionist Sentiment in Catalonia″ - by Lucas Leblanc | College of William and Mary
  • “The Hashemites' Headache: Syrian Refugees and Jordan's National Security" - by Joslyn Hebda | Rhodes College
  • “Salvaging Greece: How to Make the European Union for Europe” - Jan Jaro | Northwestern University
  • “Coffee Price Shocks and Civil War Onset” - by Justin Epstein | New York University
  • “The Multinational in Brazil: Its Impact on Brazilian Democratization” - by Victoria Pisini | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Defining Democracy in Algeria: The Continuity and Change of Post-Colonial Political Representation'” - by Leilani Doktor | Duke University 
  • “The Effects of Urbanization on Water Scarcity in Indian Slums” - Charity Jensen | University of California - Berkeley
  • “The Global Land Rush and China” - by  Claudia Acha | University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Corner: An "African Lion" Emerges: Post-Conflict Growth in Rwanda” - by Marina Tolchinsky | Johns Hopkins University
  • Graduate Corner: "Human Bombs and Child Martyrs: The Transformation of Martyrs into Suicide Terrorists"- by Rachel Levin | University of Pennsylvania