Current Issue: Volume 19, Spring 2017

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  • Headliner: "A Conversation on a New Approach for the Middle East" - Interview with Madeleine Albright and Stephen Hadley, Former Secretary of State of the United States of American and Former National Security Advisor of the United States of America
  • "A Farewell to Arms: Explaining Ukraine's Decision to Forgo Nuclear Weapons" - by Samuel Weitzman | Tufts University
  • "An Analysis of the Relationship Between Terrorist Organizations and the Internet" - by Diana Hartford | Duquesne University
  • "Political Violence and Genocide in Guatemala, 1982: Language and Construction of Indigenous Identity and Political Ideology" - by William Kakenmaster | American University
  • "Offensive Structural Realism, Peace, and the Concert of Europe" - by John Ryan Isaacson | Baylor University
  • "Getting Harder to Catch: Analyzing the Evolution of China's Cyber Espionage Campaigns against the United States through a Case Study of APT1" - by Winnona DeSombre | Tufts University
  • "Addressing Challenges Faced by Syrian Refugee Women and Girls in Jordan" - by Caroline Wallace | University of Pennsylvania
  • "Building Bears and Dragons: The Construction and Co-optation of Nationalism and Territorial Claims in Russia and China" - by Leah Matchett | Oxford University
  • "Tension Between the Human Right to Water and Economic Agreements" - by Angela Tylock | SUNY Oswego
  • "Airbnb, Israeli Settlements, and the Politics of Place in the West Bank" - by Zachary Goldstein | University of Pennsylvania