Current Issue: Volume 18, Spring 2016

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  • Headliner: "Overcoming the Global Refugee and Migrant Crisis: The Middle East, Europe and the World" - by Dr. Michael Doyle, Director, Columbia Global Policy Initiative & Former U.N. Assistant Secretary General
  • "A Forbidden Land of Great Importance - by Joseph Kiernan | University of Pennsylvania
  • "A Study of Colonial Cultural Influence on Lee Teng-hui's Domestic and Foreign Policies" - by Dominic Chiu | University of Chicago
  • "Strategic Concerns for the Invevitable Collapse of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" - by Samuel Natbony | University of Pennsylvania
  • "The Perils of Decentralization: A Case Study of Potential Secession in the United Kingdom and Spain" - by Amy Walsh | Dickinson College
  • "Immigration: The Growing Gap Between Public Opinion and Policy Outcomes" - by Neil Misra | George Washington University
  • "Ottoman Orientalism: A Guiding Principle of Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East" - by Luke Zaro | Fordham University
  • "A New Strategy for the Middle East: Why and How the United States Should Engage Islamists" - by Connor Phillips | Duke University
  • "Treaties and Trust: The Potential for Israeli Nuclear Cooperation" - by Lili Dalton | Syracuse University
  • Deliberately Designed Diplomacy: How Ireland Rebuilt its Positive International Reputation After its Debt Crisis of 2008 - 2014 by James Michael Garrity | University of Pennsylvania