Current Issue: Volume 21, Spring 2019

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  • Headliner: "Renewing the Mandela Legacy and Promoting Active Citizenship in a Changing World” - by President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United State of America

  • “Environmental Stressors on Migration within Guatemala” - by Emma D. O’Rourke | Monmouth University

  • “IDP Returns in Transitional Societies: Columbia” - by Maria Jose Lozano Sanabria | San Francisco State University

  • “Decoding the Trade War’s Impact on ASEAN” - by Mai Phan | Lebanon Valley College

  • “On the Islamization of Malaysia: Emergence of Jihadi-Salafism and Future Prospects” - by Lionel WH Oh | Tufts Univesity

  • “The ECB’s Monetary Response to the Euro Crisis Through the Lens of the Taylor Rule: Comparing Germany and Greece to the Eurozone” - by Deven Patel | The George Washington University

  • “Misrepresentation in Conservation: The Blackwashing of Palm Oil Production in Malaysia” - by Jared Sawyer | Tufts University

  • “Women in Red: Femininity and Womanhood in the Soviet Union” - by Shayna Vayser | American University

  • “Migrant Pregnancies: Maternal Health and International Aid Along the Refugee Trail from Syria to Europe” - by Madeline Smith | University of Pennsylvania

  • “The Cyberspace Race: A Contest to Win Global Digital Dominance” - by Paul Witry | Loyola University Chicago